DBPOWER Waterproof Action Camera 12MP 1080P HD with 2 Batteries and Free Accessories Kit (Wifi White)
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Customer Reviews
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This is a great video camera for the price
By RD on January 26, 2016
Color: Wifi White | Verified Purchase
This is a great video camera for the price. It is fairly easy to figure out but I would like to point out a few things...

You will need to use a high speed class 10 micro SD card. The MAXIMUM capacity that it will handle is 32GB. I tried some of my older cards that are not rated Class 10 and the device DID NOT record anything to the card. I was able to format the card in the device but it still did not record to the card so just make sure that you are using Class 10 cards or faster for this device to function properly. You should have no problem finding 32GB cards in the $10 - $12 price range for this action camera.

The second thing to note is that the micro USB slot on the camera may not have a very good solder connection. The port on my first camera easily POPPED OFF with very little effort when I was attempting to connect the included USB cable to charge it. I contacted Nova Tech and they promptly sent me a replacement. Now having gone through this experience... I went ahead and purchased 2 additional batteries that came with a dedicated external charger so that I would not need to use the micro USB port on the device which minimizes the chance of a repeat failure. Also take note that the date and time resets whenever you change the battery. This didn't really bother me as I have the time stamp turned off on my recordings.

For those looking to purchase the WiFi version... the software listed in the instructions to download/install is called FINALCAM. I also installed another APP called YOUMERA which pretty much looks the same as FINALCAM. I tested the APPS on my android phone and they do work but there is significant lag and the device constantly connects and reconnects.
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If you want a camera with wifi connectability I don't recommend this. Get the one without WIFI because the ...
By Kaietan Yankowski on October 14, 2015
Color: Wifi Black | Verified Purchase
I give this a 4 Star rating because the WIFI app does NOT work. I have returned this item and repurchased a cheaper one without wifi. I downloaded the app and was able to even get the camera to display that my phone was connected when I connected to the cameras wifi, however it wouldn't add the camera to my app. So I returned and repurchased a cheaper one. If you want a camera with wifi connectability I don't recommend this. Get the one without WIFI because the camera functions great and I loved it. Just didn't love that I paid extra for a feature that didn't work.
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Good option for families not for professionals - My Opinion
By Andre Harrison on April 11, 2015
Color: Wifi White | Verified Purchase
Its a good action cam. Good. I expected more as far as the quality. In the encasing it stays bone dry in the water and my kids had a great time with it. I guess it does its job. I am accustomed to DSLR HD Video and maybe that's why I was not as impressed. This is a decent option for now. Battery life - NOT GOOD AT ALL... Sound quality, ehhhhhhhh... Again, how can I complain from an action cam under $100. I would recommend this to anyone with children that want to capture family moments with kids and Grandkids, not for a professional looking to produce the highest quality possible.

The video was shot with this SJ4000 except for the second to last scene
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Bought as a Dash Cam, Love it for all its other features. Must be gentle with it.
By Xergey on July 20, 2015
Color: Wifi White | Verified Purchase
I bought this camera due to the good reviews/price and I was not disappointed. The wide array of attachments are nice and the camera works beautifully. I had no issues with the buttons being sticky/broken as I read about in other reviews. The wifi works well and the entire camera is very intuitive to use, however that is only because it has to be. The manual is a joke with more pages dedicated the different things you can do with the mounts provided than explaining what its features can do. It is bad when I have to go to other reviews rather than the companies own website to figure that, for example, car mode will turn the device on and off when power is applied or removed respectively. However, I am not taking off any stars for that because the camera works so well.
I bought it as a dash camera due to it having features that were very similar to other dash cams (170 degree lens, record while charging, cyclic record, and motion capture) but can then still be used for other purposes while being around the same price . I was able to Macgyver a mount from the provided mounts that works well attached to my rearview mirror attachment as shown in my picture (sorry for the poor lighting). The cyclic record feature records for intervals of 3, 5, or 10 minutes but its not really required as I got a 32gb MicroSD which provides over five and half hours of recording with the highest settings. Thus I should be able to easily delete videos over the wifi to free up more space as required. The videos I have taken look good and you can read license plates from about 15 feet in 1080 mode.
I have only had the camera for a week but so far I have had no issues with any of the test I have run (shallow water leak test was passed easily).
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pictures and video quality is okay but they are not super but satisfied with this price arrange product
By Amazon Customer on November 26, 201
Color: Wifi White | Verified Purchase
Today I used DBpower sj4000 wifi action camera, but the problem is broken up button... I will return this product. pictures and video quality is okay they are not super but satisfied with this price arrange product. small defective thing goes negative feedback for this item
/////// After requesting return the item, they send me new one for free, customer service is super great!!! And New one has no problem yet!!
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