DBPOWER Original EX5000 WIFI 14MP FHD Sports Action Camera waterproof with 2 Improved Batteries and free Accessories (Black)
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It's not a goPro, but it's much cheaper. You decide!
By Honest Reviews on October 5, 2015
Let me start by saying I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest, unbiased review. Having that over with let me tell you the pros and cons of this unit and you decide for yourself.

This unit offers good image quality for all your action needs, unless they are indoors, videos taken indoor in lower light tend to be a little noisy and grainy. However, outdoors this does superb and offers optical stabilization which is a must for action cameras. It has ultra wide view which is perfect for capturing all of the action going on. The battery door is extremely annoying to open and battery gets stuck easily (see Cons below). This unit has its pros and cons, but at $100, it is an extremely good deal. The LCD screen just makes recording so much easier, I have a xiaomi yi action camera and without the lcd screen it is really annoying to have to connect to phone to see what I am recording. Having a built in LCD solves this problem.

Important Notes:
- Does not take 64GB card (I tried Samsung 64GB and didn't work), Max is 32GB as stated on product page
- FinalCam App and Youmera App works for android wifi to this device

- Comes with tons of accessories, I'm not going to list them out, look at the stock picture and you can find them
- Comes with extra battery (2 total), always a plus
- Can be charged and used at the same time.
- 2" LCD is extremely helpful for framing and not having to connect to phone all the time.
- Outdoor in brighter conditions this camera does wonders and offers a beautiful picture and video.
- Comes with waterproof case which works very well.
- Wifi connection offers remote recording as well as preview of the video and pictures.
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Here's your vacation camera
By Ben Rothfeld on February 21, 201
Color: White | Verified Purchase
This is a great vacation camera.

I just returned from a week in the Dominican Republic with this camera. And my family. Mostly the camera, but I'm pretty sure my family was there, too. :-)

I really wanted a GoPro but I just couldn't justify spending $300+ for a camera that I wouldn't use all that frequently (I prefer shooting still images with a variety of cameras, digital and film). GoPros are great at what they do, but I haven't leaped off an erupting volcano in a wingsuit lately.

Instead, I wanted a camera that I could take underwater for the pool and snorkeling. I wanted something I could hand to my kids (8 & 10, both pretty destructive). I wanted a way to frame my shots, either a viewscreen or a viewfinder. And I wanted to keep it cheap because all of the above.

Here's what it did well:

- Stood up to abuse. Not that I tried to hammer nails with it, but it got banged around a bit. None the worse for wear.
- Waterproof. I took it snorkeling. I dove into the pool with it. No problem. The only moment I was concerned was after a foam party (the resort fills a pen on the beach with soapsuds and plays loud music; don't judge!), I noticed some condensation on the inside of the case. It dissipated. Just remember: nothing is waterproof forever.
- Good daylight pictures. Basically, the camera is the same as a higher-end cell phone camera. So it takes pictures about as well as a higher-end Samsung or Android phone. Based on reviews, I didn't even try night photos.

Here's what it didn't do well:

- The lens is a fisheye. which limits what you can do with it. The further something is from the edge, the more distorted it is.
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[Please see video review for more information and demonstration] Awesome awesome awesome sports camera
By Daniel T on October 2, 2015
[Please see video review for more information and demonstration]
Awesome awesome awesome sports camera!

This camera is much like a GoPro camera, but on a much nicer budget. I was surprised at how small the box was, but it packed the camera, case, and all the accessories too. There's so many accessories, to be honest, I don't even know what over half of them would be used for, but extreme sports folks may be more familiar with them. I took the camera out for a drive and found the video quality and resolution to be extremely good. While the camera is in the waterproof case, the audio is a bit muffled, but this is to be expected. When you take the camera out of the case, the audio becomes extremely clear.

The camera is extremely easy to "sync" with your phone and use with WiFi, but I couldn't get the WiFi to work with my computer. I'm not sure that functionality exists, because they only have an iOS and Android app for using the camera, however, I was able to successfully connect it with USB to transfer photos and videos. It will also double as a webcam on your computer.

There are LOTS of settings that is included on this camera. You can change the resolution, time-lapse, capture mode, cyclic record mode, HDR settings, motion detection settings, date stamp, image size, quality, sharpness, white balance, color, ISO, exposure, anti-shake, language, auto power-off, TV mode, screensavers, frequency, rotation, car mode, wifi SSID and wifi password. You can take videos as well as photos with it. There's also a built-in fisheye lens, so it makes taking videos at wide angles pretty easy. Take a look at the video quality in my review video! I will DEFINITELY recommend this camera to my friends and family! I received this for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
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