DBPOWER EX5000 2.0inch WIFI 14MP 1080P FHD Waterproof Sports Action Camera with 2 Improved Batteries and FREE Accessories(Silver)
Product Description:
  • 1. Improved Great 2.0 inch LCD Display Screen to view real time HD pictures and videos
  • 2. Improved 14MP Panasonic CMOS Sensor with 170 wide angle Lens
  • 3. Double Improved rechargeable batteries, double recording time and double enjoyment.
  • 4. Supports TF card up to 32GB: 8 hours videos in 720p or 5 hours in 1080p
  • 5. Built-In WIFI: Just download App on your phone or tablet and connect with action camera. Then operate or review the images or videos via Android or iOS devices.
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Don't Go Pro - Go....
By Official Invision Community on 31 Dec. 2015
I have been looking for a camera (Action Camera) ever since I started seeing many Cyclists having them on their bikes or helmets and when I was offered the chance to review the DBPower EX5000 WIFI 14MP FHD Action Camera, and get to keep it, I jumped at the chance.
GoPro seems to be the choice a lot of cyclists recommend these days, but the price has always been an issue for me and possibly many others, this camera though rolls in at £92.99* (09.12.2015 Amazon), way below the price of any good quality GoPro Action Camera, but can it perform?

Before we look at the performance and why I really wanted one, let’s look at what you get for your hard earned cash.
Well, in the box you get the following items, and there is a lot.

1x DBPOWER EX5000 Action Camera
1x Waterproof Case
1x Waterproof Case Clip
1x Multi-Function Clip
1x Bicycle Mount
1x Camera Clip
1 x Helmet Mount
3x Belts
1x Wiper
2x 3M Stickers
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual
2x Batteries

If you were to purchase the more expensive camera, GoPro again, you would need to purchase, many of the additions separately, another plus for the BPower Action Camera.

I have always thought it would be nice to record my rides in the valleys of wales. There are plenty of cycle routes and the main one around here would be route 8 which is the Taff Trail, which goes from the Brecon Beacons all the way down to Cardiff.

My route 8 started at Mountain Ash and I like to cycle to my local town of Pontypridd, it takes around 45mins depending on how busy the route is with walkers and other cyclists. It’s a beautiful ride through winding paths, great wildlife and our wonderful water contamination facility, which stinks.
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great alternative to a gopro
By Haj on 10 Jan. 2016
Colour Name: Black | Verified Purchase
I originally wanted to buy a gopro hero 4 silver but it was quite expensive and didn't come with any accessories so i would have had spend more money. However the dbpower ex5000 comes with many accessories and is a cheap budget cam. This camera is good i have been using it for roughly two weeks. Its a nice small camera that can be used especially if you travel a lot as it easily fits into your pocket. The camera settings is easy to navigate. It comes with lots of accessories and the camera is cheap, perfect for a gopro alternative. the waterproof casing looks durable but the buttons on the sides are stiff so you have to push quite hard to actually press it, also when i open and close the waterproof case i feel like the plastic at the top is gonna break but i think that's just me. also i find it hard to open the waterproof case sometimes.
The camera it makes really good time lapse videos which i think is quite cool for capturing night time videos etc. the finalcam app that you can use for the camera is great, gives you a live stream on your phone of what the camera is seeing. you can also download the videos and photos straight onto you phone. for some reason i can only share photos not videos. one of the downsides are that the screen on the camera is dark so its hard to see i'm not quite sure if you can turn up the brightness. But overall a great tiny camera and its very light too. takes great pictures and videos. Great for the price. I'm happy i purchased this rather than spending lots of money on a gopro.
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Perfect alternative for a Gopro
By Eman on 14 Dec. 2015
I previously purchased the older version of this camera (12MP FHD Action Camera) without the wifi feature and absolutely loved it. Could not believe the quality compared to the price I paid and so this new version was an absolute must buy for me personally!

A couple of significant improvements:
Enlarged LCD Screen Display which is so much clearer than the previous version! The writing and letters on the screen are much easier to read!
Enhance batteries! The previous ones did not last long and so an enhanced version was needed!

14MP pictures instead of the 12MP pictures is not much of a difference but slightly better

Definitely recommend one of these and if you're on a tight budget then I recommend the older version which is still amazing!
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Good Value Equipment, Slapdash Company.
By richbedforduk on 13 Mar. 2016
Colour Name: Black | Verified Purchase
It's early days for me, but this is it so far:

This is a budget cam (about £150 to £300 cheaper than a GoPro), and I can understand it not having things that cost more, but not havings things that cost nothing extra I cannot excuse.

I have read that the image quality is not great in poor light. This is not something that bothers me, but this would cost more money to resolve, so I understand and accept it.

Many have complained that the flap to access the battery is poor. Yep, it really is. It looks like there is enough surface area on the casing to make it larger, without it protruding, and that would pretty much resolve it, and I cannot see that it would have cost more to do that on day one.

Many have complained that the manual is poor. Yep, it really is. The Amazon spec. list is better than the manual. Writing a decent manual would not have added to the cost. I often had to write instruction guides, it's not difficult. Whoever did this one should be unemployed.
1. The images in the manual are too small to be of use.
2. It is full of spelling mistakes (I have only read the English version).
3. It uses acronyms without ever explaining them.
4. It does not actually fully address the functions of the equipment.
They cannot justify their claim that this is a manual.

This would be excusable if there was a comprehensive downloadable manual from their website. As far as I can see, there is not.

Their website is also poor. There is no mention in the manual of using their website for further information. A massive missed opportunity to introduce you to their accessories (there should be a cycle helmet with built in camera mount!) and what is actually a very broad range of other products.
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