DBPOWER 1080P Waterproof Action Camera DV 12MP HD DVR Camcorder + Mounting Accessories Kit
Product Description:
  • 2 rechargeable batteries and 1.5 inches (3,81 cm) HD LCD display
  • Supports TF card up to 32GB: 8 hours videos in 720p or 5 hours in 1080p.
  • 58 grams only, equal to an egg, even can't feel it when using it on a helmet or monopod.
  • HDMI, USB, AV video output, available for connecting computers, TVs and projectors.
  • If you want to upgrade the firmware, please follow the steps from the use manual.
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Customer Reviews
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A clone but what outstanding quality and build to rival the market leader.
By James G. Findlay on 26 Aug. 2015
Colour Name: Black | Verified Purchase
Okay, before we start with the pros and cons I have owned a gopro hero 2 before. So I should know what I am talking about. This is clone of a gopro hero 3 camera and as such it is a very good looking one. Not that there is anything wrong with clones of the most popular (most expensive) action cameras out there. Now for my review first we shall start with the pros V's the cons.
Firstly the biggest pro for this Db Power action camera is the price at £45.99 with a spare battery it is not to be laughed at this is a steal at this price, compare it with the basic gopro hero 4 at £90 it is half the price. Add to that this DB Power action cam has a screen on the back (an optional extra you have to pay for with the gopro). You can see that at the price the back end of the electronics have been thought out and worked on, with such things as white balance, ISO, exposure, motion detector & HDR modes to name a few of the items that are in very extensive and detailed menu. Along with that is the fact this is a HD video camera recording at 1080p HD @ 30 fps or 720p HD at 60 fps.
This is a great camera for the price and features that it has built in it, add to that some of the attachments that it comes included such as the large amount of pivot arms and attachment points for bikes and helmets to video your own action adventures I have to admit I was and am still very impressed with this DB power action cam. The only con I can find with it is the fact it is a clone of a gopro, now I know there are people out there who go for originals all the time and this review will NOT sway them. However if your looking at a gopro and not wishing to pay the price for one then take a close look at this and grab yourself a superb action camera at half the price of the best know one. Trust me you will not be disappointed.
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Bargain price video camera with surprisingly good image capture.
By GreenSt on 14 Aug. 2015
I wasn't sure about this one as how can you get so much for such a low price and still have image and video capture that is worth having. Having had the camera for a couple of months I have been pleasantly surprised - it works brilliantly.

OK, this is not a GoPro but then again it is a fraction of the cost too. Obvious short comings in this one are the small LCD screen on the back of the camera and the software. More of this in a moment but, when used for the basic video recording I have been delighted with the quality this little device obtains. It has quite a wide-angle lens and captures a nice panoramic view - we tok it to the beach and kept it in the waterproof housing and the end results were very good. It does still capture some sound when used in the housing but obviously muffled.

The attachments this device come with are staggering (see the photo for a selection of them) there is almost something here to connect it to whatever you need to connect it to although the obvious one - connection as a car dashcam - is not here. Considering the price point though there is a limit and this device is clearly aimed at the activity market. Battery life is good - a charge and the device lasts for a decent while, we have used it a few times and then left it for a couple of weeks but it has retained the charge quite well.

The only downside to me is the software - the camera seems to have a bewildering amount of features such as HDR, face-detection, motion capture, Car mode and so on but what on earth do they do?! I have just turned face-detection on and started recording but I have no idea as to what this is offering. The instruction manual is very basic so no help there.

The above limitation shouldn't detract from what this offers though for the price.
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Colours are great, exposure shifts from dark to light quickly and ...
By Amazon Customer on 10 Oct. 2015
Colour Name: Black | Verified Purchase
Bought this recently to take diving on holiday. Colours are great, exposure shifts from dark to light quickly and detail can be seen in shadows. Sound is iffy but im editing my clips against music so no problem there. Easy to use and robust. Fab for the money!
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Rediculously good for the price !!!
By A. Cresswell on 30 May 2015
The moment you see this camera you know exactly the target market this is aimed at. So I did the obvious thing and compared it directly. First thing first EVERYTHING except the main housing case is interchangeable. So the wristband, belt clip, bicycle mount etc. are all fully interchangeable so that's great. Functionaly the camera's are virtually the same. Resolution is 12Mp and 4032x3024. The functions etc. are all the same and quality is very very good. In fact ... there are actually improvements here ... it comes with a steel teather AND the back of the camera has an LCD screen !!!! The 'other' camera doesn't have that as standard !! What blows me away is the price .... it's a tenth of the price ?!?!? This is quite possibly the best, most impressive, action camera I have seen at this price. It's crazy AND you can get them in different colours. If you're a guerilla film maker, them all your dreams have come true. Whereas before you might have been reluctant to risk your action camera in hosile environments at this price who cares? Take those risks and get those amazing pics !!!!
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DBPOWER 1080P Waterproof Action Camera
By Video maker on 4 Mar. 2016
Colour Name: Black | Verified Purchase
What can I say other than this little beauty appears to perform brilliantly. Sure, it doesn't have the appearance of its 'Go-Pro' - much more expensive lookalike and, possibly isn't quite so user-friendly (I've never had an actual Go-Pro) BUT - for the money, I think its great! In fact I've now got two of them - reassured that if the worst happens and one gets broken or lost - the grieving process wouldn't be as traumatic as for a Go-Pro. As a semi-pro videographer I am of the opinion that when one is filming in adverse conditions - underwater, in the rain or in hazardous environments etc, the very highest optical quality is not necessary or appreciated anyway so what's the point in spending (and risking) more than one needs to? Having said that, I have critically compared this camera's output to far more expensive cameras and the difference is hard to see. The bottom line is that if I lost one of these tomorrow - I'd buy another one right away. Nuff said?
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